Working Out if it is Worth Making a PPI Claims

You may know that you were miss sold PPI in the past but not want to bother with making a claim if it is not worth the hassle. You may think that unless you will be able to get back a significant amount of money, then you are not going to bother with it.

Some people would make the claim regardless of the amount. They may think that all money is worth having or that they want the lender to give them back what is rightfully theirs. However, some people may see the claim as a lot of stress and hassle and so may not bother making the claim unless they feel it is worth their while.


You will find that there are some websites where you can find a PPI calculator. This can help you to work out what money you are owed and then you will easily be able to decide whether you want to make a claim. It is a useful way to see whether you might be owed a few pounds, hundreds of pounds or even thousands. The amount will depend on how much you were paying out for PPI each month and how long for. The more you were paying and the longer the time, the more you will be able to claim. You will be able to claim on multiple products too if you had PPI on a selection of loans and feel that it was miss sold somehow.

Some people will make a claim regardless of the amount owed because they want to get back what is rightfully theirs. However some people have limited time and may think their time will be better off spent doing more valuable things, whether it is something that will pay them more than they will get from the claim or whether it is something they feel will be a more valuable use of their time.

It is therefore a decision that you will have to make based on how much you think you will be able to claim and whether you think it is worth your time to do so. Some people would do anything to get the money and get revenge on the company that miss sold it but others may have to know that it will be worth their while before they put in the time and effort.