Social Lending

Use Social Lending to Help a Developing Country

Sometimes giving to charity can be hard. You may find it difficult choosing a cause that you feel is worthy enough or you may wonder whether the money you are giving is really helping. Sometimes it can seem that the money just helps people to be helpless and not help themselves. However, there are ways to prevent that.

Social lending is a way that companies (including those in developing countries) can borrow money. If you want to help a developing country then lending money to one of them could really be the answer. You are not giving them charity because they have to pay back the money, but you are giving them a stepping stone so that they can improve their business or start a new business and provide them and their family an income.

It can be extremely satisfying to do this and at the end of the loan period you will get your money back, plus interest and you can choose to lend it to another worthy cause. Some social lending companies will even send you information about how borrowers are getting on during the repayment term which is usually up to a year.

Not only can this solve the problem of where to invest, but it can also solve the problem of giving to charity. You will be helping someone out and you can choose the most worthy cause yourself. You will not be helping them to be helpless but encouraging them to be successful.

Imagine how satisfying that could be. You will only be helping one person but their success will help their family and will encourage others that know them to try to succeed as well. Their business may also provide vital services to the community that they live in. It is positive all round.