Spare Change Does Add Up, But What Do You Do With It?

One of the things that our parents seem to grow up with was a jar of spare change. Anytime you came from the store, you threw the coins into the jar. Anytime you cleaned the house, you threw the coins into the jar. Anytime you washed clothes, you threw some coins into the jar. There were always opportunities for spare change. Even though there are fewer chances for us to use spare change in our debt card wielding society, there are still people that do things the old fashioned way. Let’s face it — cash feels good. Who doesn’t smile when they’ve got a wad of cash in their pocket? Even if you’ve got the same amount of cash on your debit card, it really doesn’t feel the same at all. You start think that maybe you’re missing out on something that everyone else has access to. That’s when things get a little weird, and that’s when you’ll probably want to make sure that you get cash at least every once in a while.

So what happens when you collect a bunch of spare change? No one wants to run out and suddenly pay for things with a bunch of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. However, you don’t have to — you can always step up and just focus on saving the money.

Now, we know that for some of you, saving is actually a pretty dirty term. However we stand by the concept of saving. In fact, what’s wrong with much of our country today is that people aren’t saving money. So even the small emergencies end up becoming big problems. You start missing work, and then your job is in jeopardy. It’s better to really look at everything from all sides and really ensure that you’re not going to hurt yourself just because you’re trying to get a good jump on all of the things that you want. Granted, we’re big fans of material stuff too — everyone likes the “toys” in life. Yet saving is something that can grow our future in ways that we haven’t thought of or even dreamed of.

How can you connect spare change to the idea of a savings account? Well, you actually have a few options. You can always take the cash down to a credit union or even a traditional bank and have it converted to cash. Yet most banks will not just take a jar of spare change. You’re going to have to separate it and wrap it in coin wrappers in order to get it accepted.

These days, technology has stepped in to make it a bit easier than ever to actually avoid having to deal with wrapping all of that change. That’s something that we are glad has changed since the days of our parents. We can actually deal with taking our jar of change down to a supermarket or to a bank and having it converted to cash for us. The machines that do this in the United States are called Coinstar, and they do take out a small fee. You have to decide whether or not that’s worth it for you. If you have a huge jar of change, it’s worth it because you will have saved a lot of time in not doing it yourself. That’s always worth it if you ask us, but a lot of people will disagree.

If you have an online bank account like we do, you can still convert to cash — but you’ll need to either convert to a money order/check and send it to your online bank, or you’ll need to deposit the money in a regular checking account that’s linked to your online bank account and transfer it over. This is up to you whether or not you want to go through this extra step. It would be the account that has the highest yield that would get our vote, so make sure that you’re watching your numbers.

Overall, now is definitely the time to turn spare change into cash for your savings account. The more you save, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to weather just about any financial emergency that comes around — why wouldn’t you want to get started today? You’ll be glad you did!