How Budgeting Helps You with Your Personal Finances

Say the word “budget” and you will find many people grimace. The biggest reason why people are intimidated by budgets is that they do not fully understand them or how they work to help you. Having a budget that meets your needs and allows you to save is the best way to get out of […]

Social Lending

Low Credit Rating and the Social Lending Jungle

Are you thinking about getting into social lending? Chances are good that you might have a project that needs funding, but what about that low credit rating? What about the realization that yore going to be paying a lot of interest? Don’t get discouraged, friends. When there’s a true desire to change your life, you […]


Have You Heard The Good Word About Equity Release

With so many different tools on the horizon to help homeowners make the most of retirement, it’s safe to say that times are pretty good. While it’s true that some homeowners are struggling in the market right now, the truth is that there are still viable opportunities out there if you’re really serious about fixing […]


Social Lending Taking Too Long – Try Pay Day Loans

Great social lending ventures exist to help you get through life’s tough patches. However, they are often anything but fast. This isn’t really a loan from your friends. It’s a loan from people that believe in your goodness and your ability to change, but it’s really not going to be a loan from your friends. […]


Already on a loan? Save more money with Vouchers

There has never been a worse time for economic climate now today; everyone is more money conscious than ever which means it’s even harder to get loans and credit than before. But we all need some time off from working and deserve a holiday to help us relax. So where are the best places to […]