Social Lending

Not Ready For Social Lending – Why Not Think About Payday Loans Instead

Social lending is one of those things that make sense in a lot of ways, until you find out that there are just a few obstacles to tying things together. The core of social lending is regular people helping regular people. However, there is often a long wait to even get approved to apply fully on a social lending site. This is because the site has to check out your credit and make sure that you’re a decent credit risk. If you’re not, then you have to explain what else is going on that makes it impossible for you to be able to become a better risk.

This is a very long process, and it’s not right for the moments where you need to make money quickly.

You need to get a loan from instead of trying to deal with social lending — especially when you need a payday loan in the UK very quickly. What really makes this site very different from other sources of money? We’re glad you asked!

The first thing that you have to realize is that you can borrow up to 1000 GBP for any reason. You don’t have to try to explain what you’re going to do and hope that the community is going to accept it. In social lending circles you must put together a full proposal, which can actually take a few hours. You want to pour your best efforts into your social lending proposal because you really might not get another chance to do things right. That could end up costing you a lot of time that could be better spent actually taking care of the financial problem at hand.

Why not skip all of that stress and apply for a payday loan?  You can often be approved in mere minutes and have your money within 24 hours or less. In the case of this payday loan provider, the cash is sent within 15 minutes. That’s lightning quick.

Applying online means that you don’t have to think about trying to mail anything in. And in the case of this site, there’s no phone calls either or faxing of any documents. You get your money quickly and you’re able to take care of anything that comes up for you. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into something that’s going to do nothing but help you in the long run?

Don’t waste time when time is short — get a payday loan, take care of your problem, and then pay the loan back — it really is that simple!