Social Lending

Maximizing Your Chances of Getting Your Loan Funded

Welcome to the world of social lending, how may we serve you today? Oh, what’s that, you want a loan? Sure, we can help: just create a listing. Oh wait…you need your loan to be funded. My, how demanding are you going to be?

We joke, of course: after all, who doesn’t want to get their loan funded. If we had to look across listings though and identify the listings that really don’t indicate that the loan is serious, the list would definitely be long. Now, that’s not to say that you aren’t really after a great loan that lets you achieve a certain goal. Some people look to social lending for a home improvement loan because they really want to make repairs to their homes and the banks will not lend to them.

You do need to think about how you want your loan to be funded: do you want to have one lender, or multiple lenders? It’s nice to think that there’s only one person with their hands in your money, but it’s really not realistic. You could spend weeks finding the right lender, or answering the same questions over and over again from lenders that are trying to invest in the right people. You can’t blame someone for doing this due diligence, though. You will just need to make sure that you’re thinking about everything from every angle — like any strategist would. Indeed, you are waging a battle, with the true prize being a fully funded loan.

So you need to set the scene. Your listing needs to be detailed. There are a lot of listings out there that don’t go into much detail. Detail is something that a lot of people will really want to hear about, especially when they’re trying to decide on what type of loan they’re going to fund. You have lenders on the site that will only specialize in home improvement loans. If that’s the case, you definitely want to show that your home really does need repairs. Adding pictures only takes a few clicks, and it can really make all of the difference when you’re trying to get a loan fully funded. The biggest concern that any lenders have is that the money they give you will not only be not repaid on time, but it will go towards something that they don’t agree with. Unlike a bank, a lender can read your listing and simply decide that they don’t want to be part of your loan.

You want to counteract this possibility by making sure that you stay heavy on the details, and light on the sob story. Even though the term is sarcastic, the truth is that lenders look at hundreds of listings every day to find the ones that they want to fund. If you find that your listing is nothing but a tale or woe and despair, you shouldn’t be surprised that only part of your loan is funded.

Go back to the basics. Let them know that you are more than capable of paying back the loan. Show them that you are capable by having proper documentation. You might think that you’re going to fool someone with phony papers, but all this does is ruin your reputation before you’ve really had a chance of building it! Build your reputation by being honest from the very beginning, which is definitely a good thing.

Overall, it’s really all about trying to get the best deal for your loan — and that comes from proper documentation, concise details, and an overall willingness to repay the loan — that’s really all there is to it!