Social Lending

Investing in Gold coins Using Social Lending Techniques

Some of these social lending tips might seem like “hacks”, but the whole point of social lending is getting the funding for the things that matter to you — if other people think that those issues aren’t a priority, that’s their loss. When you make your first social lending proposal, it can be tempting to try to hide your intentions to think that if you wrote it a different way, you would get more funding. The truth is that your intentions always come out in the end. If you’re found to be lying, then it’s all going to go downhill in terms of reputation. You might get your first proposal funded, but what about the other ones? That’s the mentality that you need to keep with you at all times.

So, what should you put your social lending money towards? Investing in gold coins, of course! The gold market is steadily climbing up and up, despite reports to the contrary. The demand for gold is getting higher due to the industrial uses for gold. In addition, investors like gold because they know that it’s going to be around for a long time. People are always going to want, cherish, utilize, and praise gold, so why not get a few gold coins for yourself?

Getting gold coins is actually not as difficult as you think. One thing that you need to focus on though is the social lending proposal. Not only do you need to ensure that you state your desire to invest openly, but you need to let the people funding your proposal know how you intend to go about the whole process. Once they see that you have solid reasons for investing in gold, they’re going to want to support you. Far too often proposals get rejected or unfunded because they’re too vague. If you have to research more, that’s fine — you will eventually get the hang of it to the point where you’re getting your proposals funded very quickly.

The possibilities with gold are actually endless, but gold coins are a good start. Looking into your options allows for a new world to open up for you — but you can’t delay, as gold prices are always going up!