Social Lending

In the World of Social Lending, a Good Headline is Worth Its Weight in Gold!

Social lending is all about regular people helping each other and growing better because of the exchange. No matter what you want a loan to be funded for, you’re going to nee dot learn how to work with people. This is something that even the most top notch social lending guides don’t always give credit to. They cover it a little bit, but it’s really much more important than that. Think about it form the right perspective — you are going to be trying to get your message out in a world where everyone else is trying to do the very same thing. There are only so many lenders that are going to be looking at proposals at once. So if you don’t get people to check out your listings, you’re not going to get to move your own agenda forward.

A good headline is truly worth its weight in gold, but a lot of people don’t focus on it. They get too general — how many times are you going to just say “pay off debts”? Everyone says that, but your going to have to jazz it up a little bit. “Help a Former Caretaker Start a New Life and Consolidate Bills” tends to be not only more specific, but it gives you a way to appear more human to your peers.

The social part of social lending is very important. It’s not just big banks that you’re dealing with — you’re dealing with someone that is trying to invest in you. Add to your story, include pictures, talk about why you feel that you deserve the money, what you’re going to do with it, and your repayment plan to handle the money. Lenders want to get a return on their investment and make sure that their money is going to someone that’s actually going to use it. Don’t feel bad that you are on a social lending site — embrace it! Own it! Don’t worry that your credit rating isn’t as high as someone else’s — there are ways to deal with that and to overcome it. It’s all about telling the story first. And if you can tell the story in a way that humanizes you, well, you’re already going to be ahead of the curve.

Yes, there are times where a “just the facts approach will win the day in social lending. But that’s usually on small sites where your listing stays visible for a much longer time. If you’re just going to push into the largest social lending portals, you’re going to find that it’s more competitive. Standing out is the name of the game, and a strong headline in the world of social lending is truly worth its weight in gold! Good luck out there!