Working Out if it is Worth Making a PPI Claims


You may know that you were miss sold PPI in the past but not want to bother with making a claim if it is not worth the hassle. You may think that unless you will be able to get back a significant amount of money, then you are not going to bother with it.

Some people would make the claim regardless of the amount. They may think that all money is worth having or that they want the lender to give them back what is rightfully theirs. However, some people may see the claim as a lot of stress and hassle and so may not bother making the claim unless they feel it is worth their while.


You will find that there are some websites where you can find a PPI calculator. This can help you to work out what money you are owed and then you will easily be able to decide whether you want to make a claim. It is a useful way to see whether you might be owed a few pounds, hundreds of pounds or even thousands. The amount will depend on how much you were paying out for PPI each month and how long for. The more you were paying and the longer the time, the more you will be able to claim. You will be able to claim on multiple products too if you had PPI on a selection of loans and feel that it was miss sold somehow.

Some people will make a claim regardless of the amount owed because they want to get back what is rightfully theirs. However some people have limited time and may think their time will be better off spent doing more valuable things, whether it is something that will pay them more than they will get from the claim or whether it is something they feel will be a more valuable use of their time.

It is therefore a decision that you will have to make based on how much you think you will be able to claim and whether you think it is worth your time to do so. Some people would do anything to get the money and get revenge on the company that miss sold it but others may have to know that it will be worth their while before they put in the time and effort.

Fly Away From PPI Without Hassle


Don’t you wish sometimes you could just fly away from your problems? If you’re dealing right now with mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), we know exactly what you’re going through. It feels like there’s just no end in sight for PPI people, but that’s not the case at all. You have to realize that it’s time to look into any and all ways to fight through PPI. You don’t have to fight alone at all, either. A lot of people think that they do, and it ends up costing them a lot of time and energy. You have to remember that it’s going to cost you your time when it it’s time to get things done. Time is probably something that you don’t have a lot of.

You might think that you have a lot of time, but you are probably overlooking all of the things that you are required to do every single day. These things really take away from fighting PPI, but that doesn’t mean that you have to skip over getting your PPI money back.

ppi hassle
You just need to combine forces with a team that can give you their time. This is done through a PPI claims company that will be more than happy to take care of your needs on their schedule. They will take your case if it has merit, taking no payment upfront. All they will do is take a small percentage from whatever you have recovered.

The benefit of this is obvious — you don’t have to lift a finger and you will still get your money back. You will still be able to move on with your life. What will you do with the extra money? Plenty! You can pay off a little bit more on your house, take care of credit card bills, or even just take your sweetie out to dinner for a change instead of being cooped up in the house.

Either way you look at it, you’re going to be flying away from PPI without hassle. Without stress. Without frustration. Without fear — and that’s the most important piece, isn’t it? We want to be able to escape our problems without a lot of fear and uncertainty. There’s no room for doubt anymore — if you really want to make sure that you can rise above PPI, you need to make sure that you push forward today with getting a PPI claims company on your side. Why not start today, while it’s still on your mind?

Social Lending Blunders During the Holidays – And How to Fix Them Fast

Social Lending

The holiday season is upon us, and there are a lot of different social lending projects that have been fighting for attention. This is a season where everyone is assuming that just about anyone and everyone wants to hear from them. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that can really cheat you out of getting the type of results that you would normally expect. You can’t assume that people are in a contributing mood just because of the holidays. These days, with a cooling economy around us, people are thinking more and more about where their money goes. They might shop a little, but everyone is working on a different budget.

This is a good reason why you have to look through your social lending proposals carefully. You don’t want to find yourself being unable to get things done just because you’re not quite sure how to connect everything together. If necessary, get a veteran of the social lending platform to look over your proposal. You want to ensure that everyone is clear on what you’re looking for in terms of project goals, and what you intend to do with the money. If you have a plan to pay off debt, you want to be completely detailed on how you’re going to get there.

Social Lending BlundersIf you’re on a platform that’s all about business, then it comes as no surprise that you’re going to have to battle harder. There are a lot of people that ultimately dream of starting a new business after the holidays are over, which means that they have a lot of things on their to-do list. If you’re reviewing getting funding yourself, looking at successful listings is the best way to go.

Again, don’t get discouraged just because your first project didn’t get funded. Take all feedback seriously and build a new proposal. You can usually upload as many attempts as you need to before your project gets done.

Don’t just hope and pray that someone finds your proposal via the search engine on the site. You want to actually make sure that you’re looking carefully at spreading the word through other means. You can use other people’s mailing lists, get on internet radio shows, or otherwise reach out to anyone and everyone that is passionate about the same thing that you’re passionate about.

Sometimes including video helps, because everyone can get a visual feel of what matters to you. Far too often people decide to withhold the passion side of things, and that holds them back.

You have to think about how you’re perceived while still being positive about your results. There’s never any guarantee in the world of social lending, but as long as you really put some thought into your listing there’s no reason why you can’t get more than a small handful of people checking out what you want funding for. Good luck!

Making the Most out of Kickstartr

Social Lending

Kickstarter is a site that has really attracted a lot of attention. If you’re feeling stuck on the whole social lending thing and you really want to get noticed — come to this site. It’s gaining enough attention to the point where if you honestly need to get seen, you have to come here with your project. Yet not all projects are created equal. Indeed, if you really haven’t gotten your product specific enough, then you’re not going to be able to get the funding that you need.

Kickstarter is all about having things specific. It’s about funding projects that actually do something for the world. So this means that if you’re just trying to get your debts paid in terms of a debt consolidation loan, this isn’t the site for you. However, if you’re raising money to build a local magazine for your town, then you can bring your project to Kickstarter. So let’s use that example for this guide, shall we?

If you’re going to sell this project to people, you need to get super social about it. You need to ideally also have your own Facebook page so you can connect with people there as well. Answer any and all questions about the project itself.

The trouble with Kickstarter is that there’s no way to really verify which projects are legit and which projects aren’t. Some lenders have caught onto that, and that means that they will be looking at your project in a very different way — will they really be funding something worthwhile? That’s why you want to pile on the credibility factors.

Video is a great way to do that. You will be able to connect with your audience and really convince them that you are a real project. Having a solid website filled with tons of information is the best way to go. You don’t want to just try to slide on doing the minimum amount of work. That will not get your proposal funded.

As a side note, you will not get your project funded unless you get the entire proposal filled. That’s one of the downsides to Kickstarter — there’s no way to get a partial loan. It’s really an all or nothing thing. The good news is that once you do get your proposal funded, you don’t have anyone standing over you telling you exactly where to spend the money. As long as you update your crowd on what’s being done, they’re going to be pretty satisfied.

This site is a bit different from social lending sites because it’s really more about donating to a cause you believe in (a project) rather than getting a loan from someone else. Either way, it does match the merits of social lending enough that we felt it best to include it here.

If you really want to make the most of this site, you would also do well to add some bonuses and incentives. If people donate a certain level of money, you will do something cool for them. That’s pretty cool, right?

As far as the “extras” designed to raise views of your project, that’s really hit or miss. You might want to Google other people’s experiences on Kickstarter and work in their tips — after all, they’ve already been where you want to be, so why wouldn’t you? Good luck!

Kickstarter Woes in a New Social Lending World

Social Lending

Are you looking at social lending as it relates to the real world? Then you definitely need to look at Kickstarter in a whole new way. The reality here is that we can’t just each and every social lending site as a group. Sometimes we have to look at them individually.

Unfortunately, you get a big idea of what’s going on with social lending when it comes to sites like Kickstarter. This site hasn’t been around as long as other sites, so the credibility issue is already a factor. There’s a lot of projects there, but does the cream rise to the top?

Absolutely! You will find a lot of projects on Kickstarter that will catch your attention. If you’re thinking about investing in worthy projects, Kickstarter rocks for this. However, if you’re not thinking about getting into the lending side, the projects may not catch your attention.

There are some strong lessons to be learned from looking at this site. Some people feel that there are too many rules with Kickstarter, while others feel that it helps keep the quality of the site up.

There’s always going to be a bit of debate about this, but in our opinion there’s no reason to skip over a site just because it has some growing pains. You would do well to have your profile on multiple social lending sites anyway. People want to get to know you, and they will check to see what other sites that you’re on. If you’re only on one site and you’re not well known, then there are going to be problems.

What needs to be done from here is to return to your original purpose. Thinking about your project in relation to Kickstarter projects might be a good thing, but you do need to be aware of what’s really going on. Don’t give up on your goals just because you see a lot of other proposals out there.

Your proposal has to be unique and important — and besides, you’re still going to need to use advertising techniques to promote your proposal.

Hang in there — our next article will be all about getting your proposal seen by as many people as possible!

Make Your Proposal Sparkle with the power of Advertising

Social Lending

Trying to get your proposal seen when there are hundreds — if not thousands — of other proposals can be difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you will never be able to get things done. You will be able to get your proposal funded if you really work on it. The truth is that just putting up your proposal and hoping for the best is not enough. Thankfully, we can use a little bit of strategy in order to tie everything together.

Email Marketing

Even though you might not think about emailing people about your project, there are definitely cases where you might want to do this. If you’re an online marketer trying to get funding for a socially-aware project, then this is a good idea. You also have this option if you’re trying to raise money to do something for charity, like building an animal shelter or working with an existing one on a very specific project. Keep in mind that email is all about being as specific as possible. If you try to skip this, then your proposal will be read as widely as others. If you’re putting your proposal on a site like Kickstartr, then you’re not going to be able to even list it when it’s not specific.

Social Networking

This is probably the easier way to get attention for your proposal, especially if you have a pretty big network of friends. You want to be reaching out to your crowd long before you get into social lending, because it can be hard to really people on the idea. You want to be honest about your proposal, of course — after all, these are people that already know, like, and trust you. They will be sharing your information far and wide, so make sure that it’s as correct as possible. Thankfully, you can indeed get things done when you really think about it. There’s just a time where you have to step back and really make sure that you are getting your point across. If you can, make sure that someone else is proofreading what you’re really saying before you get too deep in social networking.

If someone has questions, you might feel like you should be running for the hills, so to speak. That’s not the case at all. You want to make sure that you answer any and all questions that are sent your way in order to give people peace of mind. Don’t give up on this — it really does get better!

Social Lending to Kickstart Your Next Business – Why Not

Social Lending

Over 250 million British Pounds have been exchanged in peer to peer lending across the UK — fine proof that social lending is not only here to stay, it has plenty of room to grow. You can use social lending for just about any purpose you can think of, but many UK entrepreneurs are realizing that it’s the perfect way to kickstart your first, or even your next business. However, many more are a little afraid to trust something so important as their business funding to the online crowd. Are their fears warranted, or should they let go and embrace something new? It’s all about looking at your options and going with what makes the most sense.

First and foremost, you are going to want to spend a lot of time refining your proposal. The proposal is the core of your social lending push. You literally cannot get funded without one, and you might as well make it good. Think of it as your top plea to the lenders on the site. You are trying to convince them that you have a worthy cause that deserves to be supported. If you only stick to the facts, people might not get why you really want the money. Make sure that you make it clear that what you want to do matters to you. Sure, everyone wants to run a business in their own way — but what makes you stand out?

If you can get someone else to look at your plans, they will be able to help you round out your proposal. You will also need to set a rate of interest based on your credit. If the interest rate is too low, your proposal will not be funded. It’s all about risk — if you have very bad credit, you will have to entice lenders to take a chance on you simply through having a higher interest rate. On the other hand, you might want to go with working on your credit a little more. The monthly payments might be more than what you can handle. Always use a loan calculator before you get too deep into the social lending process. Be sure to look at the fees the site is going to charge you — these can be a lot more than what you bargained for, so don’t hesitate to explore all of your options.

Is this going to replace a bank? Not always. Shop around and look at both social lending and traditional banks. However, if you have poor credit and you really want that extra boost outside capital would bring to your business, then social lending is definitely something to consider. Check it out today!

Bad Credit Payday Advance – What and Where?


Getting a bad credit payday loan today is beginning to seem like the norm when it comes to getting over those smaller financial humps in your life. You may be overextended on your credit card or bank account, owe an extra fee for something extra this month, or have experienced a hike in one of your monthly bills that you just can’t afford on your own. Don’t worry however, as the payday loan industry is open to consumers like you that just need that gentle guide towards their bills being caught up.

You Payday Advance Options

There are various types of advances that you can seek, putting the money you need before you get paid right in your wallet. Instead of accepting late payments on your bills just because you don’t get paid until the day after the bill is late, you can utilize pre-payday funding that will help you along until you get paid again.

•    Bad credit payday loans: more limited due to credit flexibility but offers a more accessible option to those limited by their credit.
•    Next day payday cash advances: some may depend on credit, while others may not; but all provide a great option for the quickest cash possible, giving you the assurance you need in a tough time.
•    90 day payday loans: these are great for those that need to borrow more but can’t afford to repay the whole amount in a one-time payment. Instead, you are offered 3 months to repay your loan within a schedule that includes recurring payments based on your employment pay schedule.
•    Emergency cash advances: these are wonderful short term loans that offer emergency cash that is needed for an array of purposes. Whether you have a medical bill that you need to pay unexpectedly or some sort of repair that you require, you can get an emergency payday loan within minutes online.

What Can Payday Loans Offer?

Payday loans ensure that you aren’t scrounging the couch cushions for every little bit of change that could have fallen in between when it comes to unexpected costs and expenses or other fees you may encounter without expecting. You don’t have to put forth a great deal of effort in order to get these loans, with great options for access that is optimal for such loans and the population that uses these loans most. These loans offer short term funding that doesn’t lead to great financial stress later on.

If you are wondering what payday lenders you should put your trust into, take a peek at some payday loan reviews to find which providers are getting rave reviews and which are getting rants from consumers. You want to make your decision as wisely as possible to ensure that you don’t end up in a rut of borrowing that is difficult to escape. If you aren’t sure where to start, the internet provides such great resources for you to indulge in for your best interest when it comes to payday advances towards your financial relief.

Social Lending Is a Great Way to Restore Your Faith in Society

Social Lending

When you’ve been rejected for every idea that you’ve ever had, you can really start feeling like no one is ever going to really take you seriously. Your dreams are never going to get off the ground, and you’re never going to honestly get anywhere in life, at least not with anything that involves money. Your better bet instead of getting frustrated would be to honestly think about the world of social lending.

As the name implies, this is a world filled with regular people helping other regular people. They’re going to be listening to what you want, what you don’t want, and helping you get to your destination. The more time that you spend in crafting the right proposal, the easier time you will have actually getting the money that you need.

People in the world of social lending do indeed care about you, and they want to see your dreams come to life. Even if that’s a home renovation! If you want to go back to school to learn something new and get into a good job, there are social lending loans for that as well.

Just because you’re not going through traditional means doesn’t mean that you can get sloppy in terms of what you actually request. If you truly feel that you can’t write your proposal on your own, there are plenty of resources for you to learn.

The key here is that you need to be original. You need to speak form the heart, and you need to make sure that you get into the details. Social lending is about stories, and everyone is going to want to know why you are requesting the money in the first place. Don’t try to hide the personal — that’s at the heart of everything social lending is about!

The whole goal of social lending isn’t just to give you funding — it’s to give you connections to who is giving you money. You realize that your money has a greater story than just you — it was given to you in trust.

Everyone’s interest rate is going to be different — they do vary, but your credit rating still comes into play. Speaking of your credit, make sure that you don’t try to downplay your credit problems. If there are issues, you want to be perfectly honest. Did something happen to make your credit spiral out of control? Were you sick? Did you get laid off from work? Was there a boyfriend or girlfriend that left you with a lot of bills? You are going to need to make sure that you explain all of these things in order to really be able to take advantage of social lending.

When you have been rejected over and over, it’s easy to lose faith in society. After all, aren’t they all against you? Don’t they think that you’re never going to get anywhere? Turn to social lending, and you’ll realize that this just isn’t the truth at all. The powerful truth that you need to hear now is that you really do have the ability to get past these financial issues — are you ready?



Social Lending

After considering the alternatives such as asking friends & family, another option could be to downsize to a smaller property & release capital that way. This may not be conducive in the present housing economy; however the reduction in valuation can have a knock on effect down the chain. Factors to also bear in mind would be the moving costs including stamp duty which can be a considerable burden unless purchasing below the nil rate band.

A common objection to downsizing would be the upheaval effect on the family & could also be dependent upon what stage of life you are at. Those in retirement may have lived at their current abode for many years having seen their children grow up in the property. If for sentimental reasons the decision is to remain in site then equity release schemes can be a sensible alternative to moving.

They will allow you to remain in the property for the rest of your life with your home remaining in your name. These lifetime mortgage schemes can then provide you with a lump sum or income to financially support you through retirement & enable you to enjoy those luxuries in life.